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Microsoft shut down consumer electronics product development department Pioneer Studios According to foreign media reports, sources said, Microsoft has closed the set up three years of consumer electronic product development department Pioneer Studios. A Microsoft spokesman confirmed that the Pioneer Studios located in downtown Seattle department has been dissolved, some Microsoft employees rotated to other departments, while the rest of the staff had left. Courier does not actually sell the Tablet PC market from Pioneer Studios on hand. Images leaked, Courier praised by the industry. Pioneer Studios was also involved in Windows Phone 7, Xbox, Zune and Kin development. Pioneer Studios co-founder George? Lopez Rummenigge (Georg Petschnigg) said in a video, the department’s mission is to develop for the Microsoft Consumer Experience, “Our mission is to develop new products, and with the product team in the market the introduction of new products. ” Lopez Rummenigge said in a video in another, given Microsoft’s size, Pioneer Studios can bring focus on the annual revenues of over $ 100 million project, due to focus on the early stages of the project, so the Pioneer Studios project success rate was only 20 %, “Typically, our project will be nothing.” Pioneer Studios Microsoft aims to inject a culture of innovation. With the increasing scale, Microsoft has become more bureaucratic mountain of the sea and the dependence on other products often stifle innovation projects. When Microsoft’s entertainment and devices division, the former chief technology officer J? Arad (J Allard) left last year when, Pioneer Studios time also numbered. It is in Arad’s insistence, the first generation Xbox is not running Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

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Visual iPhone OS Development: Your visual blueprint for developing apps for Apple's mobile devices
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2005-01-20 15:28:40 by stehle

Boston area consumer product companies?

Anyone know of any good consumer new product development companies in the Boston area (preferrably near the Belmont area)? I have a strong background in NPD (P&G, etc) but am having difficulty finding a job. It seems like 99.9% off all NPD positions here are for the medical field, software or electronics (which I have little experience in) vs. traditional consumer products. Any suggestions or contacts would be appreciated.

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